Dwelling From My Past Heartache

Yes, I’m still dwelling from my past heartache.

Yes, I can say that I already stripped him out to my heart and mind.

But still, the feeling of being betrayed by the person who you trust with all your heart most is still here! 😦

A betrayal that made my heart too scared to fly again and let my heart to give in to someone. 😦



Being rejected? Might be a hardest thing/feeling to accept if someone let you feel that way. 😦  I, for myself, can always feel the feelin’ of rejection!! U know that feelin’ that you want to be with them and yet you don’t feel the same towards them?

Well, I might done this to others, so I guess “Rejection” can’t be eradicated cos TO REJECT and TO BE REJECT is on individual’s nature.

No one understands?

Why we keep so much pain in your heart?  Wherein you can always share it with someone who earns our trust, right?!!

But here’s what I think, We keep much pain because we are the one one who knows how it feels, we’re the only one who’s bringing this burden within us. 😦

Well, I guess then feelin’ what we feel inside is the best remedy! 😉

Yesterday Was My Sunday

My morning wasn’t that good, I got stiff neck 😦 .. gosh, i hate it 😦

And supposed to be, my Sunday(s) is my rest day, free from work, free from school 😉 BUT yesterday was not 😦  I had a class .. (whaa?? O.o ) … but t’was just a make up class … and on my next Sunday we will have another make up class again 😦 … ( dang 😛 )


But what’s good about yesterday was … Class was fun/cool/informative 😀 .. still worth it .. right? Plus, my peers went in our place 😉 …. mmmm, we just want to watch the movie titled “Friends with Benefits” .. and so it happened … 😉

I love the thought of the story … so cute 😉 And here’s my favorite lines of the characters:

Here’s where the conflict starts…

Jamie: No relationship, No Emotions, Just Sex…..

Dylan: But at the end we’re still friends….

But at the end of the story ….

The guy character says:

Dylan: I want my best-friend back  cos I’m in love with her …..


Well… I find it sweet 😀




As I walk in an aisle, a thought strikes my mind and suddenly made me stop…

Why do I keep in hurrying when I know I can be in the place where I want to be?!! And I know I can be there because I follow one direction which my heart point at!!!

If we were meant to where we are now, do you regret why y0u’re standing there and not here?

Guys don’t like cos

It keeps me wonder…

Why guys don’t like to watch a love story movie??

If your answer is “It looks them like a gay” ….


You guys also feel what a guy character feels right? You guys also cry right? You guys can also feel love right?

So? What’s the problem with that?

Hmmmm 😉

just sayin anyways …    😀 😀 😀