What Does Its Bring You?

Being honest is such a good character you can ever find in one person.

This made me think …

What does honesty bring you, a good heart? Yes, definitely! But, what if too much honesty ruins everything? Will you totally be honest?


3 thoughts on “What Does Its Bring You?

  1. This is an interesting thought and it reminds me of a conversation I had recently with someone who is tring to get on with a certain police force. This person was asked if he/or she had ever smoked pot and they replied with a “yes, except it was several years ago”… Then the person interviewing him/or her asked if he or she had ever committed a crime for which she was never caught? Again, the person responded with a “yes” because they had shoplifted a small item as a teen. The interviewer replied with “you’re killing me” as if he or she had said something wrong by telling the truth/ being honest… The interviewer was leaving the impression that this person should not have been honest about their past. Which makes me wonder, would they want to put an honest cop on the police force or someone that had lied and cheated their way through the interviewing process? Me personally, I feel one should always be honest no matter what the cost. To answer your question, Yes, I am comfortable standing alone because nothing can replace the feeling of being comfortable in one’s own skin & I feel this is crucial to maintaining peace of mind…

    • Yeah ..
      It really feels good of being so true .. At least your conscience is clean and really brings you a peace of mind!!

      Thanks for the comment 😉


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