Meeting People On Dating Sites

Nowadays, people just go to dating sites just to find someone and mingle. And today, my workmates shared their thoughts about this issue.

W1: Usually men today just want sex.

W2: The sincere one is who spends time chatting with you in long hours.

W3: Only a few remain so true today.

W4: You must know him first before everything else.

The worst thing is, some foreigner out there sees Asians as prostitute. Now, that’s below the belt.

Sorry folks. Could you not generalize Asian, please?! See people as an individual, not all are the same. Not all wants tons of dollars.


8 thoughts on “Meeting People On Dating Sites

  1. people do generalize things

    not knowing that their own country also has tons of prostitutes..

    what a pity, there are lots close minded people now a days…

  2. Yeah right! Most men will just message and ask for your YM ID. And then what?
    When you’re on YM already, you go for a little chitchat and then ask you to open your cam and take off your clothes..Oh my!!!

  3. Yep people generalise too much these days… I don’t like dating sites because I believe that when it’s time to meet the one you’ll meet him. let Mother Nature do her work 🙂

  4. It’s often not easy to tell who’s being sincere and who’s not. Some guys will do anything just to ‘get some’, including chatting for long hours, so even that is no sure-fire way to know he’s being real and honest. It’s sad.


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