Hey guys .. I’m going to have short vacay/trip with my co-workers and it will start tomorrow. 😀 Of course I am excited! We’re headed to Bohol, one of the best spot here in Philippines. So, you might not hear anything from me for this coming 4-5 days I think. 😉

So, pictures will surely come on my next post. 🙂 .. I’m going to miss reading stories from you all 🙂 Am going to miss someone a lot here and there 🙂

Truly yours,


I seek Change

I seek Change.

A Change which reveal the real me.

A Change that will drift me to unfurnished road.

I seek Change.

A Change for a better life.

A Change to a better person.

I seek Change.

A Change to find my Holocaust.

A Change to  see my pitfall Halo.

I seek Change


I’m longing for Change.

When Art Calls My Soul

Last night ..

Last night Art blew me away

I don’t know but

I feel so uneasy the suddenly grabbed my unused white polo shirt, the brush, and the text tile paints.

What can you see in this piece?

How see it?

Why you see it that way?


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I Love Wearing Skirt!

Today, at my Friday morning, as I got in in our workplace .. my co-workers look at me and one said: “woOoh .. What’s on  the skirt” and I answered: “makin’ me feel a lady” .. LOL 😉 Which really do.

What made me to post this is that, I just want to share something about me 😉

Oh yeah, I love skirt .. I love wearing skirt but as mini skirt .. I don’t feel comfy about that 😛

During my Elementary and High School Days, female wears skirt uniform so its like its on my system to wear skirt, right?!! So, when my college life comes, well, we’re all wearin slacks as our school uniform.


Every wash day, students wear civilian, wearin’ their most gorgeous dresses.

On my freshman days I simply wear a skirt w/ my simple shirt on on ! And one of my classmate asked/said to me, “Shira loves wearing skirt, Why?”  ,  I just smiled to her cos even me don’t know why until this morning comes, Yeah, I found the answer and that answer was the answer that I said above.  LOL

But hey, let me tell you! I wasn’t wearing skirt in my whole college life! LOL .. I’m just fond of wearing it, Okay!

Well, to tell you a story, at my second year on college, that year when my second semester nearly ends, I stopped wearin’ my lovely skirts. Why? Here’s the story:

Late 2009 and Newly 2010, K-Pop is really POPULAR. One of the trendy fashion of K-Pop was wearin’ a knee sock! (But, I am really love knee sock back when I was in grade6 .. LOL) Because I want to wear different, so I decided to wore a semi-formal top + skirt (at knee level) + knee socks + converse = WHAT YOU THINK? just imagine that get up??

You know what was the reaction of my classmates?

“OH MY GOD SHIRA?, WHAT WAS IN YOUR MIND? REALLY THAT GET UP HUH? ITS WEIRDO!!!” They’re saying all negative comments 😦 . oh yeah .. I think I deserved those 😛 … then I suddenly cried .. as in .. I didn’t expect that reaction, what I’m expecting was, Wow.. Shira…you’re so fashionable .. wearin’ that attire..woOoh .. totally terrific …. BUT THEN, T’WAS TOTALLY OPPOSITE you know!

Since then, I didn’t mind to wear skirt at school! Until this school year, finally, I wore a dress 🙂 a whole dress 🙂 LOL

That’s it .. That’s for the day … 🙂


Sincerely Yours,

nenskei 😉 ♥


A Reblog:

And my comment:

Wow… What a post!!! ;)

Well, I guess..for her it is a useless question apparently cos … as we keep to raise the word “WHY” we certainly answer it with the word “BECAUSE” …. and in line with that word “REASONS” are about to show up that we might not accept!!! ;)

(just a thought) 😉