Commitment to Democracy

Hi Everyone 😉

Am a student of Bachelor in Public Administration and I believe of what late Jose Rizal said while he’s still existing:

“Youth are the only hope of our nation”

Jose Rizal

If you ask who is he .. well .. he’s our National Hero 🙂 who bravely fought for our freedom from Spanish Regime.

I’d like also to recognize the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino who also stood up and bring Democracy back to our nation and Martial Law ended up 😀

Thanks so much for you love to our country, Philippines 😀

Okay … and why I’m talking some history here?

Simply because I love my country, and if ever Filipinos out there read this post I hope this will help them to enlighten their mind that the word “DEMOCRACY” is still existing and has a deep definition in our core values.

To the youth out there, LET’S START TO CHANGE THE THINGS THAT NEED TO BE CHANGE .. LET’S ACT TODAY,  we might still be young but surely we can contribute much for the good of our country .. let’s not just blame our leaders cos we also have a role to play in our community … even throwing a garbage to its proper place is a big contribution from us.

To my critics, if ever i have 😛 , well .. let me hear something from you!! 😉