I’m not Cinderella, He’s not the prince who’s not  gonna save me from my step evil mother COS i don’t have any then 😛

I’m not Snow White, He”s not the prince whose gonna kiss me to wake me up COS my mom is the one who wakes me up 😛

I’m not Rapunzel, He’s not the prince who’s gonna save me from generic tower COS I’m not living in a tower.

I’m not Ariel, He’s not the prince who heard my golden voice in the sea COS I don’t have a mermaid tails that make swim on the water.

Well, the ending point of this post here is I AM NOT IN THE FAIRY TALE.

I live in reality where prince couldn’t be found 😛

Life is ….

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.

Its learning how to dance in the rain.

Its singing in that car when you don’t even know all the words.

Its giving your whole heart to someone even if your a little scared.

Its about taking risks and making life worth living.

Cos every minute you waste is a minute you’ll never get back.

Moving Forward

It’s difficult to walk  backwards because our feet are meant to move forward. Life is always better if we see what’s ahead than look at what’s left behind. Forget bad past bitterness, grudges, hatred and pain. Yeah, It might be hard for us to forget the past because it turn us out into pieces but even how hard to pick up those pieces and put those back in ourselves;  MOVE ON,FORGIVE, LOVE, SMILE, PRAY and you’ll find that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING after all.