My Entry :)

As I wrote in my previous post titled “Finally!“, yes I joined a Tshirt design competition of Artwork Store

And hey Guys 😀 … Finally, I submitted my entry for the competition and here it is  🙂 Hope you like it 😉

Front Design:

Back Design:

As you see, the text that I used is MY BLOG TITLE !!! 🙂

Yeah, IT”S SO SIMPLE 😉 right?!! I’m not that artistic though creative enough to inspire others 🙂 LOL

The theme title of my design is: LIVE YOUR POETIC LIFE!

Message convey in this art is:

The shadow we used to LIVE in our LIFE is where we learned to pick and stand up for ourself.  We are the revelers of our POETIC LIFE. So live naturally and  live without pretensions. 

Truly yours,

Nenskei (Shira Mae C. Spida)


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