Something Different!

This is something different.. Have you ever tried to move so slowly, moving your body so slow, making your body sway, moving your body like a crazy one, dancing with the music and your music is something soft mellow rock music ?? 😀 Cos am doing that right now . scary? crazy? LOL

Here’s my FAVORITE playlist :

  1. Wish you were here
  2. Closing Time
  3. I’m fallin even more in love with you
  4. Jet Lag
  5. Look After
  6. All We Are
WOW … move and dance with me .. move and dance the you like cos i love to see you moving just like what your heart says!! Move Move .. Dance Dance!! 

Unexpected Bash

Alright 🙂 .. my previous post sounds like a horrible day .. but hey my day wasn’t that bad though it went well all way to my night 🙂 My morning yesterday was terrible 😦 but an unexpected birthday bash from my co-workers really surprised me 🙂 got a teary eyes when I saw the cake 🙂 Thank you so much ate_love for that awesome bash 😀

Aside from my family, for the first time and on my 20th birthday really huh, someone gave me a surprised bday celebration :).  November 9, 2011 was the cutest birthday I ever had with friends. and I also received lots of hugs from my friends at school!