Would you?

Would you forgive me?

Would you forgive me when you say ‘Hello’,

I’ll take it as a light that illuminate my day?

Would you forgive me every time you’re on the mood,

I then suddenly switch it off?

Would you forgive me every time you’re serious,

I giggly laugh?

Would you forgive me when you smile,

I smile even more than you do?

Would you forgive me when you say you care,

I count it on and keep it as my med kit?

Would you forgive me for taking you as my world?

Would you forgive me when I miss you it means the other three words?

Would you ever forgive me after those all I said,

I’ll keep moving all by myself and just continue loving you secretly?

Would you forgive me when I start forgiving myself on loving you?

Would you ?

Would you forgive and let me go?

Would you forgive me after all,

What’s next to my thoughts is an answer of yours that “I wouldn’t”?

Ups and Down – Love Goes Around

Through Ups and Down love is what you found 🙂 Trust what makes friendship more stronger. Friendship is the foundation of Love. Love is the fruitful gift you can ever have. But how we do define or see  Love? Love conquers all. Love is blind. what else? Too much love will kill you? 😛 LOVE is LOVE. The definition of Love is the word itself. Anyone would disagree with me in this? 😉

Yesterday I wrote about Despicable Me, today I want to share another movie that for me, I see how Love is. No matter what love is still there. 😉

The movie “UP“, a computer-animated comedy adventure film by Pixar. The love of Carl and Ellie is really touching. Grow up together and tied up with marriage and their marriage is going stronger and stronger even they can’t bear a child. They cherish each other through ups and down they both endure it together. Always TOGETHER. How cute, there’s always someone who we share everything isn’t it?!! Dreaming together 😉 And though Ellie went to heaven first, still Carl wanted to do something and wanted to fulfill his promised to move her “clubhouse” to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls. And at the end of the story he made it. 😀 And you know what’s more cute about this story? Because he cannot afford a trip to Paradise Falls and another complicated things in their residence he turns his house into a makeshift airship, using thousands of helium balloons to lift it off its foundation.