What’s the use of?

Before I start my nonsense story 😛 , let me introduce to you the Jeepney. We use Jeepney as one of our public transportation in the Philippines 🙂 We commute there and here, we go to one other places using Jeepneys. So, here’s the story goes:

Yesterday I went to the city, I commute of course cos I don’t have a private plane .. 😛 , where I’m aware that traffic is really there. Though, there’s a newly open flyover, DANG, traffic is more heavier than I thought. I’m thinking that flyover could minimize or lessen the hassle but no it isn’t 😦 . And the moment when I’m done in my transaction within the city, I quickly commute again and headed to school and here’s where I got irritated. Jeepneys route will always pass through our public market and heck dude, it moves 1min BUT it stops 5minutes. Are u kidding me? As in …………………………… HEAVY TRAFFIC was my worst enemy yesterday 😐 .. not because I’m in hurry though its just that what keep it so long to be in School?!. Can you figure out what’s that feeling? hmmmmppp 😐

Who’s to blame? Engineers? Undisciplined drivers? Lazy traffic enforcer? street vendors? Well, blame us all!!! 😐

What I look forward for?

This past few weeks my friends really making my day so cool and I’m thankful for that, thanks Lord 😉 . What I’m looking for this week was more happier days to come but expectations aren’t going right, I think 😛 . Its my Friday now and to summed up I’m still struggling, still looking what is missing and I’m still feeling this emptiness, loneliness always looking for a friend and i can say, it found me 😐 . Loneliness knows me by name and dragging me down at  core of the earth.