When 2011 ends, Time to say: Hello 2012

Today its our 365th day! Last day for 2011, first day for 2012 awaits for us. 🙂 I’d say 2011 is a wonderful year, I learn, discover and try new things that I did’t imagine that I can do, Yes I spread my wings and I got enough confidence indeed. Disappointments are always there but mind us that  its always accompanied with fruitful journey in life, not for a lifetime but worth living for. 

To my family who stands together even earthquake got in. This year, family relationship is been tested, (my family and relatives). The most hard dying relationship you could ever lost is family bond. I won’t talk much about it, it hurts a lot. Last 2010 Christmas and New Years Eve celebration was the best ever moments with my relatives, but it won’t be the same this 2011. But despite of those grudges, my family must stay happy!! Life must go on. 🙂

God is always good and wise. He let others walked away from our lives but He gives more than those who go. He always has a good reason in every single detail to our life. I am so blessed because I gain more love through friendship. Thanks for giving such wonderful people to my life Lord. 🙂

I’m trying to make some good history when 2011 ends 😛 😛 (I’m thinking what would it be too..) 😛


Happy New Year!!


Have A Wonderful Day!!


The people who supposed to

The people who supposed to understand others are those who experienced the best to worst thing could ever an individual will experience.

> If you experienced to be happy all day, you must understand how an individual goes to heaven all day too.

> If you experienced to be left behind by the people who you didn’t expect to walk away, you must understand how does an individual doing just to surpass that moment of losing control. 

Just saying……



till the end

till the end of every second, I’d chose to breath to strive.
till the end of every sunlight, I’d chose to glimpse the perfect scenario of it.
till the end of every road, I’d chose to turn back my head to see who is right after me.
till the end of every journey, I’d chose to live up to save the remaining part of me.

Celebrating Christmas

2011 is full of blast. Joining thing out reach program, I found my reason(s) to live on. We should not just centered/focus in some certain issues because widening up our senses, understanding and love its ALL WORTH IT. 🙂

Simbang Gabi in Imus Cathedral

You look so cute.

Micah The Missus

I am not really the religious type and I’m not the type to go to church on a regular basis (I’m bordering on the agnostic but I do believe in GOD).

But I just feel that I have heaps of things to be thankful for because 2011 is such an awesome year for us. To cut this long story short, we decided to attend the early morning mass (more popularly known as Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi) in Imus Cathedral. I was with the husband, my sister and her boyfriend.

The homily was very apt for us because the priest talked about sterility in marriage. Not that I’m thinking that we’re sterile but because the husband and I are still praying and waiting for our firstborn.

We were seated outside the church due to the large crowd and we were just viewing the mass through an LCD TV…

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