A childhood friend

I could still clearly remember my childhood days.

Playing with my neighborhoods.

Of course, we were kids who love to play all day and tired of house chores. 😛

As I got home after school, putting my things down in our ‘sala’ was my first thing.

Running down to stairs, heading out from house then smiling at my friends, playmates 😀

As time goes by, we grew up together then we were suddenly far apart cos we need to move to another place where my family is staying now.

I always miss them cos I was a loner in our new town, still I am now.

I finished High School and then now I am in College.

I work as part-time, a working student Indeed.

And here, I am happy.

One of my childhood friend is one of my office-mate 😉

I always count on her, cos she’s always been there.

She is kind and so nice.

She don’t know how to get angry, but upset, yes she is sometimes.

She so optimistic, no matter how bad things goes, she still looking for positive sight.

She always cheering me up.

The girl who am I talking is name Sofia Anne Marie Cristobal.

Fia in short.

Thank you for being so good fing.

God give me you as my friend, an angel I can lean on.

More than words I can say fing how thankful I am that you are my friend.

A blessing to keep.

Lady in Blue is Fia, me in white 😛

3 thoughts on “A childhood friend

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