Beyond Life

My pick for the week for Tuesday Couch Potatoes is the movie titled ‘Ghost‘. 

Back early on 2007, I stayed for awhile in my uncle’s place cos he asked me to. I was just alone in that night, so bored so decided to turned the tv on. I don’t know specifically what channel was that but I was able to catch up this movie. Introduction was lil appeared suspense, so the movie catch my interest.

What message did I get from this movie?
  1. Death can’t stop you to love and;
  2. Know who are your true friend(s).

If you really love someone, death can’t stop you from doing it so. Beyond life, there’s still love that worth keeping for. Especially if that someone gives a true meaning into your life and gives an impact in your realization what’s your worth in this world. We may not know the whole story of your story, but we know something. We may not have experience of what you had gone through life but we also experienced something rare.

And knowing who are your true friends is kinda tricky cos everyone is busy wearing mask and only few remains not to. Real friends sees your worst character and accept how can cruel you can be.

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