What does he tell, What does he say

Its started with the Impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, and as we ate we talked about the moon because last night the moon was so perfect and papa shared that lunar eclipse happened in our Saturday night and I didn’t have a chance to glance that scenario cos I fell asleep early. LOL  And  then I suddenly open up government issues. Got good conversation with my papa last night 😉  He’s too intelligent and I can’t even rebut and I need to sharpen my reasoning. Oh well, not just last night but every time I talked with my papa, yes I also shared my side but most often I learn more things from him. 

I remembered when I was still in my high school, me, my sister and my papa had a conversation about love, commitment, relationship and etc. My sister was still in her college and my papa give an advice to us, girls, that its better to have no commitment or boy/girl relationship cos it might affect our studies. Tho he also added that, yeah, it might be but  just make sure that you’ll responsible enough to handle things. And you know what did my papa told me? uhmm.. you may find it harsh but I doubt you won’t cos I realized t’was true. He said, its SO rare that is someone out there who will be a man enough to stand for me and be serious in having a relationship with me. (ouch? LOL) You know, I only stand 4’4”, am so petite. IFY, among in my family I’m the most special,not mentally tho physically. Note, I’m not dragging myself down, just telling the truth and reality is this. In that note, what did my papa tell me was just trying to remind me that if someday if I’ll fall in love I’m brave enough to take in that picture, he’s just protecting me cos after all, people are cruel enough and hurt me easily cos I’m weak and not that strong to stop my tears dropping down into my cheeks.

Indeed, me and my papa has also in common denominator you know .. 😛 oh, include my sister please .. LOL

We love action movie. Pretty much 🙂 ♥ tho, I dunno if my sister do but what sure is … me and my papa love James Bond Story (007). Who wouldn’t love that character ??? LOL, What’s the common denominator is, you knew the latest actor today in James Bond movie? Daniel Craig? Oh well, my papa and I don’t him much. He’s lack of charisma, and  we weren’t amazed much in Casino Royale. Whoops?!! Did I hurt Danile’s fans here? Oh, my apology, just sharing my opinion and nothing personal. LOL 😛

But  hey hey hey .. another common denominator, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan was our most favorite James Bond actors 🙂 In my side, they’re not that hunk but dude geez .. they simply flew me away. LOL … especially Pierce Brosnan 🙂 He’s too handsome, hunk(for me), and has great charisma that even today I still got a crush on him. Whew .. 😛 😛 Oh my .. going crazy thinking about him … (evil laugh) 😛 😛

Who’s your bet among James Bond actors? LOL

What did you remember that your dad tell and say to you???

Care to share?

Yes .. you’ve been tagged… 😛