A List of Acceptable Words


Wow. I see and agree with you. You’re concluding statement is very powerful.
Thanks a lot for sharing this. ;)

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My freshmen year of high school, each student in my English class had to give a short presentation about themselves to the class. I had always gone to a public school, but I had a reputation with my friends as being the sheltered guy. I’d try to fight it, but deep down, I knew there was a lot I didn’t know. My presentation happened to be filled with innuendos that I didn’t understand until later. As students in the class began snickering, I got more and more cautious with every word I said.

I had another class with that teacher my junior year when we were all expected to put together a notebook filled with creative writing. Our teacher was sick one day so the school’s vice principal filled in as a substitute, which I suppose is some unwanted responsibility of vice principals. He had some of us go up…

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Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol – Movie Review


What really matter is the action and moves that Tom Cruise will execute here :P
Very much awaited movie. ;)

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Mission impossible Ghost Protocol Poster
Mission impossible Ghost Protocol Poster
MI 3 was long way back, then came in the alpha male movies – The Bourne Ultimatum (Matt Damon) and the new Bond flicks, with James Bond played by Daniel Craig. But Tom Cruise is back with a bang with MI 4!!
It can’t get better than this…. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt an IMF agent, who is rescued from Russian prison for the crime he committed while people thought his wife was murdered. Another agent Jane (played by Paula Patton) has her lover – Trevor (Josh Holloway) – involved in an attempt to recover the codes used to activate the nuclear missiles of Russia. Trevor is killed by an assassin who tries to sell the codes to Cobalt in Dubai. She rescues Ethan in a bid to get these codes – from Cobalt – a nuclear scientist (Michael N.) also known by the…

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