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Twitter… twitter .. twitter .. I’m addicted in twitter long time ago .. back in 19forgotten months … LOL 😛 Tweeting what’s on my mind is what I always tend to tweet. I don’t really bother if my followers aren’t like that much, sometimes it might be exasperating or what?!! I remember one of my follower said: ‘Follow @nenskei , I don’t understand her tweets’ .. wahaha . .I take it as a compliment 😛 what you say?? LOL

Today, this thought was been ReTweet by my friend and catches my attention.. A LOT….

People eliminate themselves from your life for a reason. Never regret some people leaving your life, it happened for a reason.

What was my comment?

Indeed … tho .. that reason must be a GOOD reason enough for us to let them go.







~ Can’t figure it out



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