Taking risk

Taking risk is what life means all about. Don’t be afraid on trying and discovering new things because sooner they might help you realize what’s the true value of life. We will never get the point of life if you are not willing to understand the meaning of it.


4 thoughts on “Taking risk

  1. I agree with you on this thought. Although, I am quite curious…. You are talking about taking risk, feel like sharing what risk you took and how your action made an impact on you?

    • I took a risk in continuing my first ever choice course even I have failures, I took a risk on that because I believe in myself that I can do it BUT I failed again. I disappointed my parents because I know they believe in my ability but I realized that every person has its limitations. For now, I still go to college and loving my course which is public administration. Oh yeah, I shifted to another course. LOL
      Second thought that I learned is letting go. For me, knowing and making friends with people is really good. But knowing them deeply is a risk that I’m taking in. Somehow I must let them go. Falling in love much with my friends is really the nicest and worst thing I can ever say.
      Thank you for dropping by 🙂
      By the way, how about you? 😉


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