Simbang Gabi in Imus Cathedral

You look so cute.

Micah The Missus

I am not really the religious type and I’m not the type to go to church on a regular basis (I’m bordering on the agnostic but I do believe in GOD).

But I just feel that I have heaps of things to be thankful for because 2011 is such an awesome year for us. To cut this long story short, we decided to attend the early morning mass (more popularly known as Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi) in Imus Cathedral. I was with the husband, my sister and her boyfriend.

The homily was very apt for us because the priest talked about sterility in marriage. Not that I’m thinking that we’re sterile but because the husband and I are still praying and waiting for our firstborn.

We were seated outside the church due to the large crowd and we were just viewing the mass through an LCD TV…

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