Simple Thought of Learnings.

You’re making a wrong way around. Stop making people believe that you understand them in a way that you feel the same way around.

Because you simply don’t have to…

You don’t have to lie just to bare with others.


till the end

till the end of every second, I’d chose to breath to strive.
till the end of every sunlight, I’d chose to glimpse the perfect scenario of it.
till the end of every road, I’d chose to turn back my head to see who is right after me.
till the end of every journey, I’d chose to live up to save the remaining part of me.

Celebrating Christmas

2011 is full of blast. Joining thing out reach program, I found my reason(s) to live on. We should not just centered/focus in some certain issues because widening up our senses, understanding and love its ALL WORTH IT. 🙂