Reckoning My Sweet In Love Self!!

It’s nice if you really found love! I can say.. Yes, love is pretty much insanely killing me!! LOL … I want to go back and start telling you about my first shot in love!! LOL .. Oh well, back when I was still 13…. and now I am 20.. for 6 years.. I’m loving him not secretly cos he knew it!! 😛 Note: Its never been us!! Which I hopefully wishing for from the past! Ahaha .. how pathetic love is!! You know .. they say .. first love never dies!! I believe that .. cos he will always in my heart!! Wheeeeee . aahaha .. alright, Yes, he is my first love.. first romance at all .. tho .. last year I fell for someone, late 2011.. Yes I am.. which helps me to forget what was the feeling of loving my first love!! 🙂 Whoops .. but it never lasted long .. I tend to kill that love before it grows more than loving myself!!! So .. here I am.. free from LOVE .. letting my heart grow more strongly!! 

Okay what’s my point in posting this? Well.. As I’ve said.. it’s cute to reminisce thing we do and say when we are in love!! You know.. I can be much poetic when I am in love.. I don’t know exactly where those simple words coming from!! Its just coming out naturally!! Yeah.. my words are simple .. tho .. don’t be little my writings ..I read Aurora’s post about Easy reading!! LOL .. I think.. I wrote this poem mid January 2011 🙂

I’m Bored

Am bored and now I’m thinking of you
Nothing in my mind now
But, I can only think and see you!
It’s not that am bored, then,
I just only remember you.
Every second,
Only you bounds in my heart
So, there’s no way for me not to think of you!
What I’m gonna do if its only you,
I can only see you???
Are you the same the way I like you?
I doubt that ….. [sigh]
I know you can’t see me anymore
You sees no one now but Her!
How I hope the Her is my name ..
The first time you intentionally look me into my eyes
Was it a trap?
A trap for me to fell for you?
Well, around of a applause for you!
I was.
And until now I can’t escape in your trap!
What was your deceiving eyes done to me?
What was in you that until now,
I’m still holding on!
Yeah!! That’s it!! Actually .. I start writing poems when I am 13 .. tho … the thing is .. I lost my compilation .. It happened that I put them up in certain envelope and I was passed it to my professor.. t’was envelope for my research project!! LOL .. how silly I am to forget that… 😛
Whoops.. by the way .. here’s Aurora’s post about easy reading … spon —> Easy Reading 🙂 
Hmmm .. I just want to clear something here .. I’ve already move on, for both love I had … 🙂