What’s your great day?

A fellow blogger of ours posted something delighted to read upon!! Post title catches my eyes somehow which is my title too 🙂

What’s your great day?

I am one of living organism in this earth. Taking breath every second, eats when she’s hungry, a normal organism indeed who moves constantly to strive and live. Are you too?

> How should i describe mine? uhmm … (think, think, think smart me!! 😛 )

>> Mine goes this way…..

>>> (crying baby.. crying baby) Oh yes.. phone alarms .. (ting.. ting..) time to up up up and *yawns* can I stay in my bed for 5mins?!! Ugh .. hurry hurry .. stood up, get her towel, going downstairs… showerrrrrr .. my morning shower is always at 4am since I got my job on. 😛 how’s that!! Great day to start in!! right? 😀 Home and work is only walking distance so I take every 15min to walk and enjoy the morning breeze….. (hmmmm) (cold) (looks up…) Oh my sweetest morning sky with my soulmate.. The Moon!!! I wanna be with you forever! Be mine!! (grin) Yes, I am a dreamer!! Oh, I won’t forget my mama and papa.. seeing them every morning makes me more alive.. my mom always wakes up before I woke up.. so if my alarm didn’t ring.. means she is my alarm clock 🙂 Yayks .. love you mama … and for my papa, he always take a run every morning and since late 2011, he started to walk behind me… (can you see the picture?) Yah, he is my body guard, assuring her lil girl goes to her workplace safely 🙂 (sweet isn’t it) … And here it go.. work work work.. do you know that, the aura in our office totally joyful?!! Yes it is. I can laugh for 8hrs straight.. O.O oh well.. Morning shift are so funny, I’d say.. craziest for me. 😛 My work start at 5am so COFFEE would be great .. oh coffee coffee..go away.. I am addicted 😛 . Thirdly, school. Ahuh… I am a working stud… its not hard its fun Indeed, especially if you have so much precious friends, heck yes, my school buddies .. we call our group, ‘The Budidies’.. sounds cool? yes right?!! ahaha ..

>>>> These people simply made my day. Family, co-workers, friends… oh please.. I won’t forget my twitter friends too. Hello 😀

Yup.. that’s my great day! How about you?!!