What does it really mean when we say….

I’ve already moved on!

It means to forget everything, right? It doesn’t mean to totally forget everything. It’s just that, we’ll just gonna strip out the stink that once we had. Forgetting the things we used to. So changing is there. A lil change that helps us to cope up!!!



Cheer up!! hoOooOray 😉


What things make really worth it?

It’s  not gifts but love.

It’s  not Santa but Jesus.

It’s  not fireworks but the eve.

It’s  not the foods but being together.

It’s  not we go to church but to learn a thought.

~ Shira

It happened I searched for my notes then I found this from my stuff…. I remember, I wrote this 2weeks before Christmas.

Happy reading!! 😉

It fades!

It gives you the right one.

It gives you answers.

It makes you think.

It holds your destiny.


It tells you to take away bad memories

Including its antecedents

which are the good ones.

It helps you to make the phenomenon happen

which is to forget.

It heals your wounds.

Time takes care of everything.

Tho, It also fades as we do.