How pathetic I am! Someone needs me!

Alright! Why I complain so much? Yes, I am complaining so much these past few days, weeks, months!! I don’t know either what’s happening to me. I am not on my track, I don’t bother to care… or better yet… I am mad to the world. Somehow.. what Daph’s said to her post Why Avoid The Unavoidable?about risk conversion!!! After what happened last December, I say personal, It feels like I don’t feel to live anymore, hard for me to laugh, so much pain inside and keeping it secretly which drive me to be one of the players online, having fun. I become moody, mad to the world again, I don’t even study and this week is our midterm exam. HAH!! Goodluck to me! I am not like this, Yes one of my personality is not bother to care on EVERYTHING not really everything. I live as it is! That’s me, but ruining myself like this? I mean how can I let this happen? right? Why I complain so much! Oh well, I bother to asked myself that last night!

And today, I read one blog. ‘I need your help, yes you‘ ! Yah, its April’s blog. One of my most valued friend on twitter but I consider her as real! A realization came out! What burden I’m keeping in is so less compare to April. Okay, I won’t deny that I also laugh, you know.. sort of friends making me so! But why I am letting myself destroy? Where I can be something to someone, right? I mean, just being there to my friends is enough for them. Presence, support and love you give to your friends is so much appreciated. Somehow, I just miss to hear that someone telling me: ‘thanks for making my day‘!

I should be the daylight again! For myself, for the people whose my smile and laugh can make their day on!!



8 thoughts on “How pathetic I am! Someone needs me!

  1. We must all go through times like this.. I think it’s so true, we never know the impact we have on others unless they tell us so. I love reading your blog and I enjoy your comments on mine:) xo Smidge

    • I think so.. maybe all us will get to this point!! And yes, we won’t able to know how we touch one’s life unless they tell us so…..
      And btw Barbara… your blog makes me hungry!! πŸ˜€

  2. Girl you go this….you can snap out of the fog and realize what an opportunity you truly have to be given the chance at education….You can and you will….If you are as talented a writer as I have seen, I KNOW you can make the grades and no self destruct…I know how easy it is to do when you feel underappreciated, undervalued and underloved…but the most important thing to remember is how much self love you have for you self and the knowledge that brighter days are ahead, even if you can’t see them now. Trust me I am probably double your age and I am going through the same things….we as humans go through these phases our whole lives. If you learn to over power those neg, emotions you can conquer anything that steps in your path…believe in your higher spirit…your higher self…and you got this! Believe! πŸ™‚


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