No single doubt!

Liking someone would be a greater way to have a good foundation of friendship!
Liking someone doesn’t mean falling in, u might just be carried away but don’t dare to drift your feelings in a hurry!
Let it grow as days pass.
Let trust be in there and single doubt will be nowhere to found!

Night thoughts
~ Shira

Meriam’s Birthday and Others too :P

January 23, 2011 – Another year for Meriam 🙂

At morning, we didn’t expect that Meriam will come at the office and bring some foods!


Hold Your Egg

Yah, its called.. ‘hold your egg’ .. one of meriam’s recipe 😛 sooo.. hold your egg guys 😛 ahaha

Eating time :DThe Flowers in Morning Shift (ohwp, te rhea is missing.. the shutterbug)

te_lalang, fia, meriam, and shira(me)

Meet the whole cast of Morning Shift! 🙂 oh.. meriam just quit 😦

But.. the celebration didn’t just end there 😛 at afternoon my peers, the budidies, also went at meriam’s place. Of course, we can’t just simply go there, right? So we decided to buy some cake for her. *nom* so we drop by at Gaisano Mall. But while me and heroshi waiting for others we bought ice cream, she’s horrible.. she chose to buy that large one! LOL

It's Mcdo Sundae cone. LOL .. I licked 1/4 of it 😛 Actually, I got a hard time eating that! 😀

At meriam’s place 😉

Blow the cake merm! ahaha.. candle i mean 😛

Eating time again... ahaha

heroshi, peri, aisa, and Shira(me). Sara is the photographer. LOL tho, only five of us been there..much fun still 😉 mitx,rubi,hana,yap, al.. better next time 😛

Our next was at Yap’s place. (Mae Catherine but we used to call her Yap, her last name 😉 ) It’s her sis birthday but she did invite fun in that day 🙂

lady in blue, it's yap 🙂

lady in pink with something in head, it's sara 😉

the guy in white, it's al. Actually, he is she! LOL.. love u all 😛

at my right side, it's rubi! lol, so haggard here rubz 😛

Hana and mitx wasn’t able come 😦 …. but it’s okay! So, u knew my friends now? Yah 😉

Once again Happy Birthday Merm 😉

Vampire look?

This is my first attempt. LOL Done this on first week of January when I have nothing to do sooo.. got my stuff and begin to make some of undiscovered talent!!! Nyahahaha

Tho, I am proud of my work! I am a die hard artees as you know 😛 So, I put a Painting category here instead of making a new blog as my gallery.. and I don’t want to add more blog anyways 😛

TADA…. (drums…)

Oh yeah!! ahahaha.. I am a Artist!! 😛 Who would disagree?