Don’t frown yet choose to smile!

The moment

You give




More of it,

Don’t frown

But instead,



Smile for

The unconditional love

That you have

Within you!



Someone will

Show it


Let you

Feel that

Kind of love


~ Shira

Facebook Brought Hash Status

I’m sorry sometimes I get a little jealous, thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it’s my insecurities acting up. Because I know I’m not the best, smartest or most fun and exciting person. But I do know that no matter how hard and long you look. You’ll never find somebody that reach and love you like I do!


Oh well!

The Problem and The Reason

No matter how you want to be understood, you can always be misunderstood especially when people jump directly to their conclusion without even asking you and give you a chance to explain, without even knowing the real story and reasons behind those phenomenon!

Be frank enough!

Be a man who stand to his words!

Be a lady who stand to what she believe! 

~ Shira