Warning! Don’t call Mental Hospital, a Psychiatrist will do :D

This was happened Jan.23, meriam’s birthday 😛 It’s not because we were high tho..I guess its because of ‘hold your egg’ 😉 LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ROTFLOL

Warning…. PG4 in 3D 😛

With the help of Choco Tops :P

Happy Lunar Birthday Lee Hong Ki! One treasure of FT Island 🙂

Oh well…I really wanted to post this! See monita? I am so supportive of you 😛 LOL

This is how women shows love to the man they adore 🙂


How hard to we take it in action?

A quote crossed to my mind while someone’s thoughts is hanging! ~ “We are not capable to do all things which we think we can!”

No matter how we keep something we really want, time telling us to let it go! It’s not about how positive thinker we are. It’s not about faith, trust and blah blah blah…. It’s a choice . Everything in life is a choice. Just keep one thing in mind that when you made a choice… no turning back!

It’s sad because, we can’t..no…not really that we can’t but it’s hard to take an action about it!

Its Wena’s birthday :)

Hi weng… I know it’s kinda late tho… wanna blog your Bday 😛 ahaha January 15, Sunday.. gloomy…and rainy day. I don’t have plans at that day except going to National Bookstore(School Supply Store) to buy a marker! 😉 Then I received a text message from the birthday girl, saying.. ‘the mass is done’ 🙂 .. then I replied something silly that make us to end up meeting at Ronald store 😛 (grin) I’ve waited there for 25-30min I guess.. then she’s with darrel 😉 the most supportive buddy of her .. LOL … while waiting for the other, which is mords.. somehow I’m glad that I made wengay laugh … 😛 you know.. I cracked OA jokes! ahaha … I could make em crazy too 😛

The birthday girl 🙂 Wena

hi..it's Darrel busy on his phone 😛

the most awaited guest, hi Mords 😛

hi..this is me 😛

A message for her:

Hi wengay! How have you been? LOL, ( As if we’re not seeing each other at school 😛 ) Sorry if I didn’t make it till night.. I wanted to tho… need to finish my report so…. I believe you’re having a good time with them at that day 😛 LOL, I know cos they always do 😉 NYahaha.. Warmest wishes for you and congrats.. You’re going to receive your diploma and going to march when this semester ends! 😀 So..we’re going to WAO too? nyahaha..right darx and mords? 😛

Happy birthday again wengay! Have a best in life 🙂