Why people so afraid of?

If there’s an incident that will happen, would you do precautionary action to avoid it? If there’s any calamity coming and you have the ability to stop it, would you really stop it?

As I wake up this morning, many questions suddenly poke my mind! What’s the sense of all the safety regard from the things that can’t really be avoided. I got this imagination of mine, if there’s any calamity coming towards me… MAYBE I’ll just sit around and waiting for it. It’s a matter of Life and Death. If it is my time then let it be. After a long run, death is waiting for us and our body will decay. Why people are so afraid to die when the price of it seeing God? Is it because, life is so beautiful and living is less painful and more happiness it brings? There could more happier living with God’s grace. It’s an everlasting life and you will see eternity!

Just a thought from Shira!

Where to find nothingness?

“Sleeping is the only time that people float into nothingness!”

Even if you sleep for only 1 hour be thankful enough. It’s a blessing cos for that given time…. you enjoy to think none..to feel none…none at all. You’re a just being who is unconscious to the things you worry about much when you are on the state of consciousness.