To forgive is to take the pain away

Valentines’s day, I don’t have any date tho spending the night at home with my family sounds more better! 🙂

We had a usual dinner, with my papa and mama….. as conversation goes, there’s a question that crossed my mind.

Can you forgive the people who causes you so much pain?

Would you forgive the people who cause you so much pain?

I know It’s Valentine’s day yet I’m having this thoughts. Sorry for that, thoughts on this keep coming by and I just can’t help it.

For me Can is a question that you will just think an answer for only a second and a demand for an answer is necessary, while Would is a question which your heart desires to answer and you can obviously see the reluctance of the answer, if it is so.

At the middle of our conversation my papa suddenly asked me, he asked my observations. (Yes, you can notice there’s a hesitation of telling of you of what was it. Well, what I’m afraid of telling so? This is me writing these stuff and faces the world about it. It’s kinda sensitive cos its more about my circle of family so forgive me If I can’t tell you that whole story of it. 🙂 )

Long but short, something happened between my family and rest of the relatives(my mother’s side). It causes MUCH pain to my mom(emotionally), I can’t even dare to see or hear her weeping during those days. Lucky me cos when the problem start to arouse my sissy was still in Ph so for a moment I get strength from her (she’s more stronger that us, my mom). But when she leave and work so far away, handling no not handling tho coping with those conflict is so hard for me. I never encounter such big issues before, t’was a shocked for me. Well it all means, I need to grow more but not so rush, right? There’s a settlement happened but its not yet done, unfinished business as they say!

That’s 1/16 of the story. And back to the dinner scenario, my papa asked me if I noticed something on my uncle these days. And yes I observed something on him, he get thinner. Back to old days, he was kinda chubby but now he suddenly get so thin today. It’s not that he had his diet but our instincts says he is sick. NO, we’re not wishing but that’s the fact. Papa is a health freak so he is concern to my uncle somehow. So he told my mom to ask her sister-in-law if what’s going on or even ask if they already see a doctor for consultation. Mom just silent, she’s not commenting about it and I can really see on her that she’s still not okay of what did her siblings did. I know my mom still care no matter how she shows and deny that she’s not. And the pain  she’s carrying out maybe until now is still fresh. We know that FORGIVENESS is the key to make that pain go away. I know we’re only human, even God can forgive us. As I’ve said we are only human and we don’t have the power to do all things. Yet, I have to ask you…..

Would you forgive those people who causes you so much pain? Would you?


8 thoughts on “To forgive is to take the pain away

  1. Interesting. I don’t generally forgive someone who hurts me on purpose and has no resource. I think in that situation forgiveness is meaningless and insulting to the victim.

  2. excellent. I always remind myself that forgiveness is mainly for the one forgiving. Those that want forgiveness will ask…but when we allows the one that hurt us to not have anymore space in our lives or keep us in a dark place.

    • Make sense Danlrene!
      But i guess.. when we forgive them…. its up to us if we still allow them to hurt us! their action doesn’t matter, what’s the point is….. they still have an impact to us cos simply cos they been so special in some ways too.

  3. Yes I guess I would forgive them. Maybe in the beginning this way would be unimaginable, but afterwards, we just realise that it’s stupid to keep on pouting like children… We should make peace… so as to be peaceful inside too.


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