Respect ones opinion!

Respect ones opinion!

If you don’t like my view of what your friend ask me to say something on, let it be. But never say to her that I am wrong because it’s my opinion and we think differently. And if you find this blunt well, ¬†its you point of view. All matter is, not what you think about this, I made my point!

~ Shira

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret.

Regretting is a mistake that can be done. Wash away those regrets, start growing and glowing inside! Thanks for this post MD…. last night I was thinking about to ask someone when my tomorrow comes.. and yes I will definitely do that today..this post simply gives me more courage to do it, so that the regret of not doing so will not happen!

A Contagious Desire

Wanting you so much

Is not my obsession

It’s my desire

Breathing every air in every second

Seems breathless without hearing yours

The way you touch me

It’s¬†magnetizing and

I can’t even let go

The emotion that been stuck

Is contagious

Your gesture

Hypnotize my moves

Paralyze my beating heart

Stop my pulse


Half fragile

totally turn into pieces

The pain marks

until I love again

The distance I see

The day you’ve come

was somewhat mesmerizing

T’was so new to me

Talking the way I am to you.

You’re not a fiction

You became real


You knew you were valued enough

You’ve seen me happy

You’ve seen how I become weak

You’ve seen me too much to handle

Each day I become more

The more I see distance.

The more I see you.