Random Thought 000

Watching ‘Crazy First Love‘ makes me wonder on the reality today! The movie goes this way:

A guy who’s so much in love with a lovely girl. He worship her. They grow up together so the father of the girl know this guy and promise that he will let him marry his daughter when he is responsible enough. He’s facing the challenges that the father of the girl ask him to do. Pass the math with nosebleed every night. LOL. Yeah, it’s insane 😛 but he did. And become a law stud. Well, every father only wants that the guy will marry his daughter is a better person and can assure him that his daughter is in the right hand. Right? 

In the other hand, the girl is possessive. I mean, the girl wants to have a first kiss or even want to experience making love before they’ll graduate in college. But the guy is not just a guy. He is man. A man who really stand for his pledge and promise. He promised to the father of the girl that he will never touch her nor even not giving others a chance to do it either. The point is, he reserve his lady to be. 🙂

The random thought I have is. Is there still a guy out there, out here TODAY who is willing enough to be a man who reserve his woman to be?

Just a thought!


4 thoughts on “Random Thought 000

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