Improve our thoughts!

Two kids lying in bed under a blanket…

Kid1: I’m a boy. How about you?

Kid2: I don’t know

Kid1: Wait.. I’ll check (he went under the blanket and) …. hey.. You’re a girl!!

Kid2: How did you know?

Kid1: Because my socks are blue and yours are pink!

Improve our thoughts.. They’re just kids! 😀


Hmmm.. I received this text message late last night tho I only have a chance to read in my morning..just wanna share this … Cute.. isn’t it?! 🙂

Upgraded! New things is so good!

Hmmm…. the other day I discovered something new on Gmail. I don’t know when did it started but I just knew it the other day.

Here it is:


It’s interesting because you can actually open multiple accounts at the same moment and in the same browser. I found it very convenient!

And by the way… feel free to add me on your Gmail contacts.. if you want to 😀

And today as I check my stats on WordPress, I’m surprised…

hola again

Yesterday I only see the site referrals but now… whoOoah.. it’s amazing..isn’t it?

And hmm, more see me from US than in my own land? Hah! 😛

I love the new updates of websites! yaYks 😀