Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award

Hello everyone!

On my last Sunday, I received an inspiring award from the twins (Autumn and Gab). The Hug Award 😀 Honestly, I’m not really familiar with this award… as curious as myself, as I go over the in Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award Guidelines. Hmm.. I am speechless. Wow, the twin is such sweetheart for nominating me! From the deepest of heart Autumn and Gab, Thank You so much for including my blog. 😀 (blushing)


some teaser about this award

 The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity;Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation; Hope for Oneness

So as I willingly accept the award, here I am….time for me to nominate some blogs which I think strongly brings hope for each of us.






Happy Blogging Everyone 😀

10 thoughts on “Hope Unites Globally – HUG Award

  1. Congratulations and Warmest Wishes to you Shira. And many thanks for thinking of me. You have a great day okay?


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