Highlight them and you can see hope!

You can’t see much disappointments through your journey if you only done your commitments well. Patience and confidence, highlight them and you can see hope through out the road!


© Shira2012


11 thoughts on “Highlight them and you can see hope!

    • yaYks! (blushing) I’m happy that the post inspires you, inspires people somehow!
      and don’t worry Steve, I don’t mind if you mistype the word/s…. its kinda normal especially if you’re just been awake 😛

      • LOL,thanks,my friend (for overlooking my bad spelling 😉 )…yes,was just woken up when I saw and read the new post (was in my email there was a new one 🙂 ). I normally sit up doing something or other (bored),or surfing the internet,until 1-2AM,then up each weekday at 6:30AM to get the kids up and out to school,hahaha! 😛

        The DC

          • Thanks,my friend. Jamie (Daughter) turned 15 last month,Nick will be 10 in May 🙂

            The DC

          • Hmm.. I think I should start collecting balloons, in case NIck will invite me I’m ready to fly with my own-made-hot-air-balloon! 😛

          • My friend,if you find yourself in this neck of the world,you are always invited for a hotdog and iced tea,and a visit on the front porch 🙂

          • Sweet! Just let me know if you’re ever out this way,my friend 🙂



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