It must start with the roots!

People tried to choose to be good, Doing good things to help the world better, just make sure to start it with yourself cos change start within you. 

roots of everything starts within you

Our friend recently shared a thought to us, “It’s easy to be bad than to be good“. How you assess that? Well in my own perception and base on my short but long journey, it’s sad but more true. You won’t able to know what is good until you’ve done the bad one. You’ll learn from it and change calls your own conscience. Doing good to others maybe valued so much tho, some times the kindness of the person  is being abuse by the people who gained it.

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16 thoughts on “It must start with the roots!

  1. Amen!! It is a choice we have to make over and over again to do the right things, to “be good” and no, it’s not an easy one but well worth the effort 🙂 hugs, Terri

    • You are so right my friend…the world can be a cruel and vile place to live. People can be so quick to assume the worst,as well as say it,but you know what? You (nor I) neither need their approval to live happily,nor their permission to chose how you live and behave. Besides,what good thing was ever easy to do or gain? The best things in life may be free,but someone paid for them 🙂

      The DC

  2. I’m guessing most will be in agreement with your thoughts. Its that most difficult decision, the fine line between and how we determine that we’ve either received or given too much of a good thing! Great post.


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