Sunday Activity! New but not really new to me!

Alright, my Sunday feels so good… really!

Have I ever shared here that Badminton is one of my favorite sport to play?! Others are Basketball, Skating, and sort of Baseball. Oh please, even Hockey is not being played in Ph. I love Hockey. Well, now you know exactly what sports I’m up to. 😀

Today, I play Badminton with my friends, college friends. I love doing things that I really love to do and thank God these folks are here. For three years finally I hold racket again! 😉 So imagine how happy I am playing with them. Till next Sunday again! yeeha!

So tomorrow, I’ll expect my body to be rotten! HAH … walk like a zombie! WhooOt whOoot!

Here’s a Sunday thought beautiful wonders on earth,

Do things which you love to do!

Happy Sunday All!

© Shira2012



4 thoughts on “Sunday Activity! New but not really new to me!

  1. Ah Badminton!!! You brought back fond memories of playing with my parents as a child,and teaching my kids to play it in recent memory. We don’t play enough,we must buy nets and birdies and rackets! 😀

    The DC


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