Farewell Post! Hep….not as last post :P

Ehem! ladies and gentlemen let me murmur again in my dearest blog 😛 (grinning all over the floor)

Did you all know that…I’ve been active in WordPress just back May or June then become more… very active in August till now..so not a farewell for my blog okay…. tho now you know… So, my point here is.. maybe right back in your mind, What’s with the farewell post? LOL

For all you know I’m a college student, (cough) just don’t refer my age on my height! ahahahahaha 😛

2nd sem, we enrolled in Information Communication Technology or know as ICT! What’s my advantage in this subject is I blog before enrolling this course. There are two projects that our instructor asked us to do. Very simple, blogging and making basic HTML. WhoOoah! LOL

So, this week…is our finals week…… 6days to go and summer is up up up in the sky! Hahaha

ICT is fun for me because as I said… it’s an advantage for me cos I blogged. In html…it’s quite tricky at first. Tho able to cope up in two weeks. You know what’s the twist sweethearts?

A week before our instructor checked our HTML as part of midterm grade, my flash disk was LOST NOT FOUND. How lovely! >.<

All important data were stored there, including my html project. Of course no one to blame cos I’ve been careless so I need to face the consequences of my action. I got INC for my midterm grade 😦 , as in Incomplete! (cover mouth…)Whaaaa? LOL

But, don’t worry sweethearts I am confident that I’ll passed the finals. I acquired all the requirements. Ha ha ha (Do you think our instructor will let me pass after reading this? waha haha)

So, all I can say is blogging is so much fun than making html! LOL

Have a great day all 🙂 ♥

© Shira2012


14 thoughts on “Farewell Post! Hep….not as last post :P

  1. Oh noooo!!! They can actually give you an incomplete for a midterm grade? That’s such a huge bummer! I am confident you will do great on the finals as well – but my heart goes out to you, as that’s the worst feeling when you’ve done a project, but it deletes itself or something goes wrong with it!!

    • Thanks mamboo..you’re really sweet 😉
      And yep, INC on midterm but I am thankful also that it happened during midterm, unlike my classmate, the folder where she put her files were gone during the day of final checking of all html!

    • Oh thanks judy..
      tho..my old flash disk were totally gone, and I’ve already moved on on that. LOL
      I bought a new one after few days…I need to replace it as soon as possible and no longer hope to find the old one!

  2. I have confidence that you will be doing well and emerging as one of the very best. Wishing you the very best and Blessings Shira !!!

  3. Oh don’t worry. This is just the sign of genius people :). They keep their hidden talents for the last moment to surprise the teachers. haha

    Good luck and best wishes.

  4. My friend I don’t want you to go. i want you to stay! I do wish you the best and hope one day you decide to blog again. Keep in touch. You will be missed.

    • Oh! Tom, I’m not going anywhere! Remember? I’m participating 30 Days Of Blogging Honesty And One Dare …… 🙂
      This is just a farewell post for one of my subject!

  5. Here’s to hoping you find it,my friend,and a huge congradulations on doing so well (and why worry about age and height? You’re old enough to pass the classes,and your legs both reach ground,don’t they? 😛 ). You wil do fine,my friend,have faith 🙂

    The DC

  6. Since I started blogging I’ve always wanted to learn how to write in HTML lol! Well yes I hope he’ll understand! And indeed it’s easier without the HTML fuss! 😀 anyway it looks like an interesting course 🙂


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