A Movie Date With My Dearest Self: Hunger Games

Maybe, one of the weirdest thing I’ve done is watching a movie all alone! Have you? Tho maybe not the weirdest thing for you!

Yesterday, wasn’t really a good vibes. Things are lil complicated and pretty sucks. But anyways…. today is not! Going to give some review of the movie titled HUNGER GAMES!

Last March 18, I was with my friends watching Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang! It’s a Pinoy movie, I’d say, very worth it to watch for the Filipino people too. 🙂 Erich Gonzales really portray the character well. Hmmm…. before this movie started, theatre shows trailer of the coming soon movies. That’s the time I learned about Hunger Games. The trailer itself amazed me much!

After my work yesterday, I chose to watched the movie alone! I have two waffle pineapple and one Cali(apple flavor) with me!

Tape is rolling……

Whooo…just found out yesterday. They just included the trailer of Hugo! Just by this time, you think its pretty late? 😛 Anyways….

The Hunger Games…..

I love story of the movie. Saving her sister shows how much does her family meant to her. Katniss is a picture of brave and strong girl! I like her character.

I like to be in Capitol, not to participate in Hunger games but, feels like I’m in wonderland. Their customes, make up, the foods are even yummier. While the Capitol is so abundant, every district is starving 😦 Sad part of the movie.

Every district has two repesentatives in the game. At middle of the story, there’s a love between Katniss and Peeta, her partner. Cutest part of every story 😛 I like how the movie goes, they both survive cos they both rather die than to kill each other. Good lesson for a team. “ALWAYS TOGETHER”…..

Tho the ending….I found it hanging! Is there a Part 2? LOL….



8 thoughts on “A Movie Date With My Dearest Self: Hunger Games

  1. Jamie (my Daughter) went Friday night with friends from school and saw Hunger Games,she said it was awesome

    The DC

  2. I’m not much into sci-fi, or violence, and I was worried about the idea of pitting 24 kids against each other with one survivor…the winner. I saw the movie on Monday and I thought there were many redeeming parts..the strong female lead, the female saves the male…etc. The fact that the overlying feeling is that the lead actors and citizens are not in favor of the fighting, but that this is how they gain food and some power as a district. I have hope that the next two movies will move more toward peace. (my whole family has read all 3 books. I have not)
    I’m still not in favor of very young children seeing this. Older children who are well-loved and from a stable home will be able to handle it. But I’ve heard of 8 year olds going. That’s too young to understand the concept. In the US the rating is PG 13…a parent must go with a child 13 and younger.

    • Jeez..tho why they letting 8years old? The rating here is PG-13 as well.
      Yep, violence is there..every kid of each district were afraid to be chosen, who would love to be killed that way? Despite of all the violence, Hope is stronger than Fear! (tho right back to my head… is there really hope if you are in that situation?! You can’t even trust yourself)


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