A dedication!

Happy Tree

We will stand still! Like a happy tree no matter how shaky the ground is, we know we can make it till everything will calm!
Everything will take to its proper place! Maybe not later but soon!

Quote ©Shira2012

This is a dedication for my friends who’s having a hard time! Who thinks everything is fallen apart! Sometimes, things we desire really lost if it is just destined to be part of our journey and be remembered for a lifetime!


6 thoughts on “A dedication!

  1. IDK if I’m one of those friends you knew were struggling with anything (I am BTW),but if so,thank you,my friend 🙂 If not,a great post regaurdless 😀

    The DC

    • Hmmm… you are in, my friend, you are also in my shout out! We’re friends ^^ right?! ^^
      Tho… you can open up to me, if you want! ^^

      • LOL,thank you,my good friend 🙂 I may do just that one day when needed-and you know,that door swings both ways,I always have an ear to hear and shoulder to cry on if my friends need it 🙂


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