The feeling on earth that can’t I escape!

I’m always wondering, am I really that wrecker? Am I always screwing things up? Do I always fucked you up? Wherein all I do is just being me? Dang it! Why do I have always this feeling that everybody’s gonna leave me the moment I do a single mistake. Why I have this feeling to be so cold, to be so unkind, to be so mad at the world, to be so homeless! Why I have this feeling I want to be alone ALL the time!

Why’s that despite how I try to be so happy, things suddenly turns to be so obscure! Oh please, don’t say it’s a challenge of life. I’m sick of it!ย 



8 thoughts on “The feeling on earth that can’t I escape!

  1. That’s how I feel almost al the time,my self,my friend. I’m WAY over here,but in this world of web,I’m nothing special,but I’m a friend and long as I have inet and you need an ear to listen,I’m here,that’s what a friend is for,and you can’t “screw that up”,so put on a big smile,ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

    The DC

  2. Oh Shira, this makes me sad you are feeling this way. I agree with DC, I think we all feel that way a lot of the time. We are only human…We will have times in our lives we feel this way. As your friend, I am saying you have no reason to worry about people leaving you and screwing up. You have so many wonderful things about yourself you should be proud of! Sending lots of hugs your way!

    • Thanks Gab! Its just that, no matter how I try to be so cold and not to get so attach with others… I simply just do! And in all of a sudden, I found myself frowning the moment they step out !!!

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