Writing From The Heart: Question #6


Freedom of whom I wanna be. Freedom from discrimination. Free from judgemental thoughts. Freedom to be alone. Anything, Freedom of anything! Freedom to eat without paying. As in freedom. Can you provide me freedom? Freedom to express without even thinking that you might hurt others. Freedom to say all bullsh*t in life.



16 thoughts on “Writing From The Heart: Question #6

  1. Good answer,my friend!

    What I want most right at this moment is for daughter Jamie to feel better,that headcold is pretty bad this time. OH…and for my legs to quit hurting after over-riding them yesterday,LOL! 😛

    The DC

      • LOL,thank you my friend. Got Jamie to see the Doc today (wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day,eh? :P) and got her some meds (sinus and inner ear infection). As for the legs,yeah…I’m stubborn,I did a recovery ride (recovery = low mileage and easy riding),they’re feeling a bit better now,still sore though 🙂

          • Thank you. I just now asked her (she’s getting ready for school),she said “a little sickly,but better than last week”. Progress. Slow progress,but progress 🙂

          • “Yep! Still there’s progress and that matters!
            Isn’t it summer yet?”

            I’m thinking th e”First Day of Summer” is early June maybe? But with a local forcast like we have this week,it certainly feels closer than that 😛 (a few scattered showers,but 80+ degrees F all week expected 😀 )

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