What would you choose?

What would you choose?

To have a cup coffee with creamer but without sugar or a to have a cup of beer?

What would you choose?

To  smell the perfect aroma that brought by coffee or a to hand a cold beer that could take your thirst for a moment?

What would a person choose if all s/he wanted to taste is the bittersweet brought of damn sick love?

How about you? Yes YOU, you who’s reading this question, what would you choose? Care to reason out?

All asked by Shira …..

16 thoughts on “What would you choose?

  1. I would choose the coffee Shira, because I don’t drink beer or any type of booze. My other thought is you can’t drink sadness, troubles or bad thoughts away. That’s my humble opinion only and the only answer I can give. I am curious to see what other people have to say now! 🙂

  2. I would rather drink and smell the coffee, I don’t like beer 😦 To taste bittersweet love, I would bite into a dark chocolate truffle. Sometimes I am glad to be single but other times I wish desperately i could change my situation.

  3. I would choose the coffee for the drinking and smelling. Beer is icky!!! I can’t stand the smell. Hmmmm, bittersweeet love is so not worth it. I am happy how I am now with my darling man, but had bad times in the past 😦 love is really sometimes not good it sure is something to be careful about.

    • To be with your destined man Autumn, I am happy that you are happy. And bittersweet is nowhere to found of love you are having and keeping for a lifetime.

  4. I don’t think anyone wants to taste the bittersweet taste of a love but some opt to because at the moment it is all they have, And it’s coffee and like Pryanka said, dark chocolate.

  5. Thank you everyone for dropping by here…..
    For me, I would choose a cup of coffee. I love the smell of its aroma and opposite of that sweet aroma is bitterness. Not always we are happy and smiling, we also feel loneliness and sadness. Life is beautiful and more meaningful because there are times in our life where we also taste the bitterness of it. Not only in romantic relationship, but also within the circles of friendship and family. I do hope that when you taste a little of it, you will willingly let it run to your system because the next time you taste it again you know how to handle it.

    I love you all.


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