Have you ever wonder, WHY?

Have you go over and read and comment in my meme entry for July 2012? Have you gone to answer those questions too, even just in mind?

I’ve played a song today and made me asked a question. So, I wanna relate it to one of the question of the meme. I already asked the permission of Mr.Tom Baker regarding of using the question and gladly he let me. So here it is ….

I’m thinking about the 6th question:

6. If you could get into the mind  of anyone (living or dead) and read all their thoughts, whose mind would you choose to raid?

If ever I am given a chance to raid one’s mind, that would be the composer(s) of this song.

Of all the music I able to listen, Hotel California has the longest instrumental intro. HAHA. Well, honestly I love the song but I wonder why Don Felder, Glenn Frey, Don Henley made the song that way.

Have you wonder too? hmmmmm


4 thoughts on “Have you ever wonder, WHY?

  1. What a good question this was Shira and what does the song really mean? I do like the Eagles, this song included and I think I do kind of remember what the writers were saying…Not sure if I’m right but I’ll share! I think it was about a tired person who was traveling and becomes stuck and trapped in a nightmare of a hotel. It kind of spoke about self destruction and all that was going on in the music industry in the 1970’s. I was pretty young when this song came out, but I do admire these artists! Thanks for making me think Shira! 🙂 Hugs

    • Gab ^^
      Thanks for responding on this post …..
      Thank you for sharing this with us (adding to my queue brain)
      And by the way, I’m glad I made you think 😛


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