Midterm – Exam Week! Should I HoOoray?

Ehemmmm …


Ughm …. mmm … (eyebrows up)

Oh yeah … Midterm week !! What would you think? Perhaps you’ll say! “Oh well, I did study and prepare enough”.

What are your strategy in studying?

Sparing yourself in a silent room?

Memorizing in a crowd place?

Eating while scanning notes?

Studying with music?

Prolly, most or all of I’ve mention is what you do. That’s what I do.

Anyways, just dropping by!

My exam will start tomorrow till Saturday!

Aside from numbers that am still figuring out at this moment, reading pages on our major subject(s) AND memorizing tons of pages on our legal basis (Constitution) are what I’ve got to do.

Do you think I can remember all those contents word by word? (Heck yeah, word by word!)

Good luck to me.

I’m actually tired now, eyes are falling!

Have a good night! (.. and to the other part of the world ..) Have a great Monday!


– Shira


9 thoughts on “Midterm – Exam Week! Should I HoOoray?

  1. You will do very well,my friend! You can do this,you have this….awesome luck to you! I will say a prayer for your sleep too,LOL,I remember exam weeks 😛 Is it Monday here already? It’s Monday! Ugh,LOL,I need to sleep now,up all night :p

    The DC

  2. Good luck, Shira! You’ll do amazing! 🙂
    Make sure you get some good rest the night before and are not totally brain-drained!


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