I Can Do That….

2. Eating Alone at Restaurants

I don’t need someone to sit across from me in order to enjoy my delicious sandwich. Going out to eat isn’t always about being social; sometimes you just want a solid meal and to just sit there and to have it served to you. Being surrounded by people who are laughing joyously in groups while they eat doesn’t strike much envy into my heart, so don’t feel sorry for me if you see me hunched over baked macaroni n cheese, alone and silent, at the corner table of a busy restaurant. I am content. The same goes for seeing movies alone, although I get the sense that society is generally more comfortable with that one.

Read more at http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/5-unspoken-social-rules-that-i-routinely-violate/#CMqLhcBewkrk1I8K.99

5 thoughts on “I Can Do That….

  1. I agree 110% my young friend! I often PREFER to go alone…but like I said,I’m a bit weird,LOL,and enjoy the alone-ness at times. Just remember,it isn’t “fast food” until they throw it at you 😉 😛

    The DC…er…Steve 😛

    • Young friend! Heya, I feel young 😛
      Finally my friend, its your name is what right here 😉
      Sometimes, we need to be alone. And if that sometimes is what you needed, sometimes in a day is what we need.

      • True indeed. Though I find myself surrounded by 3 other people,1 dog and 1 hamster here,I actually need the solitude more than most…lets look at my life,from a young age I was always out hiking or bike riding alone in the woods,the jobs I took in the ARMY had me often alone in the field for days,I drove long haul trucks for 13+ years…LOL,I see a pattern there 😛

  2. When you are with your perfect partner (Food) why the hell would you want to be disturbed by the company of someone else 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I think I love eating alone too, one because I don’t have to bother taking small bites and can eat mouthfuls, two because I don’t have to worry about eating less…YO BRING ME MORE lol and third because I should take myself to lunch n dinners once in a while 🙂


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