We Just Need To Cry!

I woke up this morning so tired, t’was still early 3am so I went back to sleep waiting for the time when I am suppose to stand up and go shower. Wake up call came and took long for me to go shower, my eyes still falling and my body just can’t resist but yes, I need to keep going. Shower helped a bit, when I am preparing my stuff I feel so stupid.      Didn’t prepare my school uniform last night, didn’t fix my things. I am not ready for the day. When I was my way downstairs, bag is heavy added pain to my back. Yes my back hurts, it started yesterday. Everytime I laugh, smile, take a deep breath the more it hurts. I was almost going to drop the book and notebook that I am holding and throw away my bag but still I went down and ate breakfast almost 5am. As I am eating I recall what my bestfriend told me, “You should start counting on yourself”.
Carrying my bag and school stuff I am holding in my hands without asking my friend to help me, is this counting on myself? If I am almost giving up everything (stop school and quit job) this day how much more in coming days that I need to face all alone and not depend on others?

Some times, I just need to cry.

7 thoughts on “We Just Need To Cry!

  1. Awe you are going to be just fine all by yourself. The exact moment when you want to quit and cry is the time you are too close to achieving something.

    But then, it’s not bad to cry. It helps erase all doubts in your heart n gives you a fresh start.

    Besides, I trust my favorite writer 🙂

  2. I’m not so sure that counting on yourself means you cannot accept or ask for help from your friends and family. I think it just means when all is said and done with, Nenskei is responsible (with God’s guidance), for Nenskei! Life is hard and life can be unfair but I am sure you are strong enough to handle everything life sends your way. Take care bunso.


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