Weekly Travel Theme: Mystical

Hey folks! Greetings to everyone =D Well actually this is my first time to join this meme. I saw Light House Blues posts and I am curious what is this ‘Weekly Travel Theme‘, and due to my¬†curiosity¬†I did my own investigation ( HA HA ) and found Where’s my backpack?

Do you have your backpack with you? Be like Dora, prepare the map and let us EXPLORE!!!!

So roll it…. here’s my entry for Weekly Travel Theme: Mystical

This was taken back late October 2011, short trip at Bohol, Philippines 3rd day was Island hopping.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green



Whenever I’m sitting on the bench, outside of our organization office, seeing this makes me at ease. Isn’t it wonderful that through day to day of our life we still able to see this nature gives us and beautiful view whenever we’re having a life issue.

And when I look up, this is what I see,




eh?! Having community service.