Throwback Thursday

Tic Tock … Tic Tock …

It’s around 3 o’clock in the morning and it’s already my first Thursday of 2014, indeed, time is running!



I was scrolling pictures and I found this photo that was made last 9/13/2012. Wow, I’m a keeper! HAHA

Actually I just miss my hairstyle, I miss my bangs! xD

First Wednesday of 2014 and I Totally Welcome it!

First Wednesday of 2014 and I Totally Welcome it!

Yesterday, before the year 2013 ends, I decided to bring this blog back to life which my heart really feels joy. And guess what, I forgot that yesterday was still Tuesday and in that post (click the link) I said it was a wordless Wednesday decision! Shame. HAHA

But today indeed is the first Wednesday of the year 2014 which I totally welcome it during our eve celebration earlier. I might don’t have any photos of our food, but I didn’t miss to capture the beautiful firework, and I saw (the magic)!


A little bit colorful


A little bit blurriness

A little bit blurriness

Far captured? Yes!



So here the closer captured!



Happy New Year WordPress Family! I hope you enjoy the photos I share and hey check this out 😉

I hope you enjoy the video too!

I also read the news about Dubai 2014 firework display breaks world record Guinness in Inquirer.Net and saw the video too! Bravo!