Miraculous Shrine of Simala – Sibonga, Cebu

If you are a Roman Catholic, Miraculous Shrine of Simala in Sibonga, Cebu is one of the places you won’t ever missed to visit.

We took a bus from South Terminal to Sibonga and informed the driver/bus conductor to drop us going to Simala. From the bus stop, we took a ‘habal-habal’ to get to the Shrine. Bus fare is Php 80.00, but I forgot how much was that habal-habal ride. As I’ve said in my previous post, we initially heading first to Oslob – Whale Shark Watching but we changed our course because of time issue.

I was such an epic darling that time because I was wearing shorts, but not mini (lol), and it is entirely not allowed inside Simala Shrine for girls. So it’s either I will rent a Sarong or I will change my pants. Luckily, Reyjan brought a jacket. Thanks for the gloomy weather that morning. I had a weird OTTD that visit. HAHA. Photos below are what’s around Simala Shrine. They also have cottages around the greenie garden for people to relax and to eat if they’ll bring foods.


Filipinos have a strong faith and indeed a believer not just to our Almighty God but so with miraculous events and stories. And a lot of proof has been displayed inside the Simala Shrine. Discipline and respect are two values needed inside the Shrine, take your shoes off and observe silence but allowed to take pictures.


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Dadeh and I bought a bracelet souvenir then after we spent some time praying, we left Simala Shrine having peace in our hearts.

Our next stop after solemnly visited Simala, we headed directly to Tumalog Falls which you can read in my previous post titled: The Fruit of Hiking and you can also read my city-tour before we went to Simala which I just published yesterday titled: Cebu is Sweeter The Second Time Around.

Thank you for joining our trip. You can share yours in my comment box too. 😉

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