Enchanting Day

Allow me to share my first trip to Manila way back 2013.

Last October 26, I went to Manila for semester’s break. One of the reasons why this trip was one of my unforgettable moments is, it was actually my first time to be on the plane. Yes, big smile for me and feeling nervous too. The feeling that I was 150 feet above the ground was surreal.



Initially, I booked a flight from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu so that I’ll be flying to Manila from Cebu with my travel buddy who happened to work in the Queen City of South, Cebu. But I changed course when our professor moved our exam on the same day of supposedly my first flight ever, so I just booked a trip from Cagayan de Oro directly to Manila in the next day. Because we originally booked a ticket from Cebu to MNL at 11 pm, Reyjan waited in the airport for 9 hours. He arrived approximately 12 midnight, and I came around 8 AM on Oct. 26, 2013.

We stayed at DG Budget Hotel near PAGCOR and right beside Duty-Free Fiesta Mall, we booked through Agoda.com. The place is nice actually, comfortable room, clean bathroom (shared bathroom) and friendly staff. We arrived here around 10 AM, and we decided to take a rest for the day.



The following day, on October 27, we went to the Enchanted Kingdom, a theme park located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna. We took Jac Liner from Buendia Bus Station to EK. That morning was gloomy, and little droplets came when we were lining up. We got there around 9 AM, and the theme park will open at 11 AM.



The first ride we tried was the EKstreme Drop Tower, and it was a breathtaking experience, I swear. It felts like you were thrown away from the plane without any safety gear. As in, Ohh My God feeling!



The second ride we took was the Anchor’s Away. This is the ride that I don’t want to ride on ever in my life, again! HAHA, you know that feeling? Ugh. We didn’t take a rest and go directly and had a thrilling ride on EK’s Space Shuttle. One of the exciting ride I ever had.



After this third ride, we had a drink and rest then we roam around the theme park. Welcome to the Brooklyn Place! And it felts like I was really in the city that never sleeps, New York! We went to RIALTO and watched Journey 2 in 3D. My first time for 3D actually. Haha. Public Restrooms are really impressive.



Welcome to Portabello Park Zone! Rio Rapids and 4D Discovery were the rides we didn’t have a chance to ride on in this Zone. We didn’t bring extra clothes for Rapids and long line up for 4D. We were blessed we had Flying Fiesta, not too crowded yet.



Welcome to Boulderville! The Kiddie Rides. I like more here, not with my height issue (HAHAHA), but it is so cute here and just so genuine smiles from kiddos.



Welcome to the Victoria Park! Oh, Grand Carousel 🙂 Another first!



Welcome to Midway Broadwalk! You can find the ‘Ekstreme Tower,’ Wheel of Fate and Anchor’s Away here. Performers will also show their talents here.



Welcome to Jungle Outpost! Enjoy the Spaceport Zone! The space shuttle actually!



The second to the last attraction we had was the Disk-O-Magic! This is the ride that I don’t want stop, ever! Awesome experienced. It was kinda funny though because while I was enjoying it, the girl on my left side was crying so hard! Aw!



And the last ride we had was, The Wheel of Fate! And the view when we were on the top of the wheel. As expected, the place is enchanting.



You might be wondering if I’d enjoy this day, well, let me just show you around how genuinely enchanting and refreshing EK is.



Since we had our breakfast at 9 AM, we were not that hungry, so we only had Potato Fries and Ice Monster.  Then we just had Choco Nanaz in the afternoon.


I want to come back in the Enchanted Kingdom, and I wish there will be more friends or family with me next time!


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