Not Taking The Cinderella’s Shoe

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Show Must Go On.”

If I won’t be a writer for today’s prompt (which is a little bit late to respond, lol), I would definitely take the lead performer spot to act my thoughts. HAHA. Sounds evil. lol

Last March 20 I watched the Cinderella movie with my lovely friends. And yes indeed, it was a good movie to bond with friends. Today’s prompt, I chose to lead the role of Ella. Yes, please allow me so. HAHA.

Have courage and be kind are the last words that Ella heard from her loving mother and so, she lived and grown up keeping those words in her heart. Later on, her father met a beautiful woman that has two daughters. She met and welcome them with entirely open arms and with all her heart, but her struggle began when her father died.

As a lead performer, no, I would not let my step-mother and step-sisters treat me like I just nobody. I would indeed fight for my right as the legal and one only daughter of my father but, it doesn’t mean I’m not kind. I would still walk in the line that my mother told me before she died and being kind is not just to other people, also give a chance to be kind to yourself but not to the point of being selfish. I would still let them stay even my father died, and I would make sure that we still live harmoniously.

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